How to Make A Good Chatbot Demo Video?

Vicky Lee
Vicky Lee
Jun 29, 2019 · 5 min read

Our fellow Sanuker chatbot followers have been asking us the same question since the launch of our Dayday Bot campaign: “How do you create the bot demo videos? What tools did you use?” A bot with smooth UX of course matters, but a great video to demo how it works is also important. A good chatbot demo video help users understand how your bot works under different use cases and gives a favourable first impression as well.

So we decided to write a blog post to give a little guidance to everyone out there who are looking for the same solution.

Four things to start

Things to Prepare

  1. A bot that actually works
  2. 2. An iPhone
  3. 3. A MacBook
  4. 4. A USB cable for charging your phone

Record the Video

  1. Connect your Phone to your computer and open QuickTime Player.
  2. Choose “File” → “New Movie Recording”
Use “New Movie Recording” to record your video

3. Next to the record red button, click the little white arrow to switch the camera screen & microphone to your mobile device.

Switch the source of your camera and microphone

4. Now you can open your Messenger bot on your mobile and start recording.

Edit the Video

You have actually finished everything if your recording is perfectly done! But if your original recording may not be smooth and flawless, don’t worry, we are going to edit it.

  1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro CC and create a new project.
Create a new project on Premiere Pro

2. Import your original video in the Media panel on the bottom left.

3. Then drag the media to the Timeline panel next to it, you will get the timeline of the whole clip.

4. Go ahead edit your clip as you like! Here are a few tricks I would normally do:

A. Put markers at certain time points

Markers help you position and arrange clips. I usually use markers to make my own reference so my editing could be more precise.

Add marker

B. Use razor tool to cut and separate clips

Usually there is some trimming needed for the video (I always record unnecessary stuff). I will use razor tool to cut out the unnecessary clips, you will see a thin line at the points you cut.

Cut and separate clips

C. Add video effects

Although I didn’t use any effects for my Dayday Bot campaign videos, effects is still one of the greatest tool. Click the “Effects” tab on the Media panel at the bottom left and you will see a list of effects you may apply to your clips. My favourite one is “Cross Dissolve” under “Video Transitions”, it can add a fade-in and fade-out effect to your video.

Try different audio and video effects

5. When you have finished editing your clips, export it. Click “File” → “Export” → “Media”

Export your video after editing

6. There are a few settings you should note before you export your video. Make sure you get them correct.

A. Source Scaling: Choose “Change Output Size To Match Source” so your exported video won’t be changed into any other size.

B. Format: You will have to choose “QuickTime” in order to output a video that matches the source.

C. If you have audio for your videos, please don’t forget to click “Export Audio”.

Edit custom settings before export

Beautify the Video

You may notice that there are some more decorations and explanatory texts in my demo videos. I will show you how I design the video in the following section.

  1. Open Keynote and create a new document.
  2. Pick a background color for your slides and insert a phone case mockup.
  3. Insert your edited demo video and resize it to fit the phone.
  4. You can also add some text onto the slide.
Use keynote to make your short video

5. You’re almost done! Time to export the slide. Choose “File” → “Export To” → “QuickTime”

Export to QuickTime

6. Please note the following settings before you export.

A. Playback: You must choose “Self-Playing”, otherwise your video won’t start playing.

B. If there is only one slide and one build for your file, you can ignore the timing to be set for going to the next slide/build. However I prefer to set it to 0 just to play safe.

C. Format: Choose “1080p” to get a high definition video.

Custom settings in Keynote before exporting your presentation

Congratulations! You have finished your first chatbot demo video! I hope this article helps all of you 😊

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment or drop us a message at our Messenger bot.

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