Workshop Facilitation Kit

Based on the principles of Human Centered Design (HCD) the most vital underlying value of design is simple: design with the user and for the user.

To do this, research and design activities are conducted with end-users, both as you explore the problem space and move toward the solution space. While many of these activities happen in the end user’s context and environment, some require conducting workshops that can bring together a number of stakeholders, ensuring alignment and buy-in.

Example of Journey Map & Persona templates from the kit.

As a designer who has facilitated several workshops, I know there are different ways to put together the various activities that may be needed based on the goal of the workshop, the audience involved, and other more tactical considerations such as timing, available space, etc. However, I have identified a set of commonly used templates and compiled them into a downloadable kit that can be used by experienced designers and newcomers alike when facilitating workshops. This kit includes:

  • User Persona
  • Stakeholder Map
  • User Journey Map
  • Ideation
  • Storyboard
  • Conceptualize
  • Website Sketchsheet
  • Mobile Sketchsheet
  • Tablet Sketchsheet
  • Warmup: Circles Challenge
  • Matrix 3x3, 2x2

Though it’s possible to find several such templates, I chose to create a kit that is minimal, to maximize possible adaptation to different scenarios. I designed the templates to fit A4 sheets, but because they are vector-based, you can print them in any size, and even blow them up on your plotter printer to hang on your workshop walls (which I always do).

So, download away, print, and enjoy! Hopefully these templates help you in your next design thinking workshop, or your own solo project. For more information about design thinking and workshops, visit my team’s page.

Download Workshop Facilitation Kit