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Shuchi Rana
Aug 20, 2019 · 3 min read

Launching our next SAP.iO SF XM Cohort

XM Cohort Founders & Team

We share the belief that every human voice holds value, every experience matters and that the best-run businesses can make the world run better — Bill McDermott

Experience economy is here and with all the innovation happening in the space, it is a great opportunity for companies to understand digital interactions and derive sentiments on how customers/partners, employees, users perceive the company and it’s products. It’s a mechanism for companies to listen closely and to link the X (experience) & O (operations) data and get to the root cause of issues.

SAP is a company that has always been very customer centric and embraced a Listen — Learn — Act approach. In the same spirit we are excited to announce our next SAP.iO SF Foundry program. The upcoming SAP.iO San Francisco cohort will be focused on Experience Management, in close collaboration with SAP Business Units, including SAP Customer Experience and Qualtrics.

We are excited to collaborate with cutting edge startup innovation and improve the experience for SAP’s customers, partners and end users. We are looking forward to welcoming the following startups to be a part of the next SAP.iO SF Foundry —

  • Askdata: Powerful Natural Language engine turns text questions into queries that search across enterprise data for the best answer.
  • Breinify: Makes any marketing system smarter by adding individualized & time driven predictions to drive spur-of-the-moment purchases.
  • Constructor: AI-first Commerce search and discovery solution that learns from usage to increase personalization and conversion rates.
  • Findmine: Increases Commerce basket sizes by using ML to generate and display product collections that can be used together.
  • Idiomatic: Easily identify top product and service issues by analyzing large amounts of customer interactions with AI/ML
  • Setsail: Accelerate pipeline and flexibly drive strategic priorities using SetSail’s weekly sales incentive system
  • Wisy: Gathers unique consumer and market insights for brands and retailers while increasing consumer engagement via mobile experiences.

Selected teams will be part of an In-Residence program for 13 weeks in San Francisco, at the SAP.iO office. During the cohort, teams will be immersed in a highly curated program working along-side world-class executives and mentors (SAP Executives and external mentors) with a focus on the unique challenges of B2B companies including Enterprise Sales, Marketing, Funding, Technology Scaling, Pricing, and Product Management Essentials.

SAP.iO invests in and accelerates startup innovation that strategically expands the Intelligent Ecosystem around SAP’s applications, digital platform, and technology services / APIs. The SAP.iO Foundries are our global network of top-tier, equity-free programs for startups, including accelerators, to help startups build innovative software that delivers high value for SAP customers. Startups selected for our Foundry programs receive access to curated mentorship, exposure to SAP technologies, and opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

SAP will commit up to 40 percent of the investable capital in the SAP.iO Fund and scale our SAP.iO Foundries with a focus on inclusive entrepreneurship. The goal is to help at least 200 startups around the world within the next 5 years.

Visit our website for updates and connect with us online at LinkedIn and Twitter!

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Shuchi Rana

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Head @SAP_iO San Francisco. Helping shape the future of Enterprise. Building a diverse and Inclusive world. Walking the talk.



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