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How TVPage Brings Online Sellers to E-commerce

TVPage creates a touchless & engaging retail experience online through shoppable videos with savvy sellers

Video by Tomer Levine & Yahel Yakov

As more and more brands have shifted to the E-commerce world as their primary sales channel, they seem to have forgotten one crucial player along the way: the seller. Especially today, as people are less frequently walking into stores and avoiding physical engagements altogether, the role of the online seller is critical; people buy from people, not ads. These sellers operate as brand ambassadors who represent the brand online, much like a salesperson would in a physical store.

The solution that seamlessly helps brands provide expertise and guidance to consumers through digital ambassadors? TVPage.

TVPage provides every brand the ability to turn on ambassador digital storefronts on their websites, empowering subject matter experts, in-store sales associates, influencers, and savvy customers to promote and sell their products online. With TVPage, brands transform their sales team into ambassadors who sell on their digital storefronts on the brand’s site, with an intuitive platform that measures results and commissions ambassadors on their actual sales. Today’s consumers depend more and more on recommendations to help dictate their purchasing decisions, and TVPage allows brands to seamlessly engage with their consumers through digital ambassadors.

Bringing in-store sales associates online

Brands can onboard their own sales associates and external ambassadors to create their digital storefronts on their site by posting shoppable videos and photos on the Storefront app by TVPage, with the brand able to moderate and control all content and activity. Using an AI-powered content index, the content is dynamically extended to the brand’s catalogue; for example, if a sales associate is talking about the mascara and blush she bought in her video, viewers will see real-time clickable visuals of the products and be able to make a purchase. Sellers and ambassadors use the TVPage app to share the shoppable content to their own social audiences, generate new social and organic search traffic, and earn a commission from their newly generated online sales.


A super-power sales generator for brands

With TVPage’s one-stop-shop, brands can maximize sales by managing and commissioning their online sellers, and owning and monitoring all new content, traffic, and sales.TVPage has already driven billions of dollars in new sales for its clients. In order for brands to survive, they must adapt to the “new retail” where sales associates can sell online. Today, a touchless in-store-like retail experience online is non-negotiable. Consumers seek personal engagement in order to learn about and ultimately decide whether or not to make a purchase. Whether operating in the beauty, lifestyle, retail, fashion, food & beverage, electronics, or furniture industry, TVPage brings an average revenue per view of $3.09 across all brands using its platform.

Innovating with SAP & The SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv

SAP’s Consumer Products 2020 white paper articulates how consumers today do not just want to buy a product, but want to achieve a specific outcome. Whether it be health and wellness, or security and joy, customers are expecting much more from the brands they trust. They want to be surprised, delighted, inspired, guided and assisted. Through their platform, TVPage seamlessly supports consumer products companies by delivering high value outcomes directly to consumers. TVPage participated in the SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Products Cohort and became an SAP Partner Edge Integrate Partner. TVPage is integrating with SAP’s Commerce Cloud, which will allow online stores powered by SAP to launch ambassador storefronts that will increase sales and help consumers achieve their desired outcomes.

Applications for our next cohort are now open! If your startup has an innovative solution for the Utilities industry, check out

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