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iO in Style: The SAP Fashion Customer Council Recap

Here’s what you need to know from the most recent SAP Fashion Customer Council

Meet CarbonClick

With CarbonClick, brands and retailers can manage, measure, and track all sustainable activity in one place, as well as promote climate action amongst customers and invite them to join the sustainability journey. CarbonClick’s green button plug-in e-commerce solution for online shopping carts allows shoppers to offset the carbon impact of their purchases and add a contribution to the highest quality carbon-offsetting projects in the world. CarbonClick’s unique track and trace on every single offset made through their platform allows users to instantly see the impact their contribution has made, and learn more about the high-quality climate projects it supports. In addition to upholding their sustainability goals, brands are experiencing greater loyalty due to these sustainability initiatives and powerfully engaging with climate-conscious shoppers. To date, CarbonClick has offset more than 40 million kgs of CO2.

Meet Shippeo

Shippeo’s platform acts as a communication layer between large industrial companies (shippers), and heavily fragmented road freight carriers (truckers) to support real-time transportation visibility of full truckload road shipments. Giving customers a global view of their supply chain and ensuring exceptional customer service, Shippeo is building the leading data platform for the freight industry by leveraging a growing network, real-time data, and AI. Once a transport order has been issued, its reference is exported to Shippeo’s platform where users can see the real-time position of goods throughout the whole journey, from pickup to drop-off, and an AI-based ETA is shared with all stakeholders.This combination of real-time visibility as well as ETA enables an accurate and transparent view, anticipation of any delays or disruptions, and ultimately the selection of proper modes of transportation — avoiding the use of empty trucks, largely reducing CO2 emissions.

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