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Is This Just a Fling, or Are You Ready to Commit? Evaluating the Future of Your Sales Relationship With SAP

Highlights from the latest In the Know With iO Office Hours with GVP Sales Coaching Mark Crofton

Watch the full session with Mark Crofton here

Account Executives (AEs) and You

So how do you get a piece of the action, catch the eyes and capture the hearts of SAP AEs?

  • Explain where your solution can be plugged in. Is the solution global, regional, can it be sold to anybody?
  • What are the characteristics of a good prospect for you? What industries, what IT landscape, what other SAP solutions should be installed?
  • Show how your solution is the right solution for this customer. Be specific about why your application is the right solution for this particular customer. Show research and POV that solidifies the tangible value this customer can expect and why your solution is a perfect fit.
  • Focus. Even if you can sell in five industries but you are the strongest in two of them, focus on those two!
  • Show your customer success! We aren’t talking the slide full of logos. Show the value your customers are getting, explain the business challenge you are working on and why it important to your prospect, and share the impact and consequence of customers not using your solution. Show customer use cases with SAP or similar customers to establish trust and credibility to establish deals.
  • Speak the SAP Language. Share what part of the business you align with. Do you sell to HR? To sales? What SAP solutions do you have? What Line of Business in SAP does your customer align with? Share about the average sales cycle, what the average deal looks like, and average time to revenue. Feel free to use SAP branding as well!
  • No need to demo your solution just yet!
  • No need to share company details such as investors, number of employees, or origin story etc. This can come later.
  • Don’t talk about solution parts that aren’t part of SAP ecosystem.
  • Keep the initial talk to 10 minutes!

Now that you have a taste of what it takes, it’s time to ask yourself some critical questions to help you make the right choice:

  • Do you have the appetite to sell to large enterprises? Can you sell to large enterprises? Think longer deal cycles, several stakeholders, and complex work cycles.
  • Do you need SAP support to scale or can you do it on your own?
  • How sticky is your solution? Is there a lot of synergy between your solution and SAP customers? Does your solution work well with SAP, and are your customers asking you connect with SAP?
  • What’s your opportunity cost? What are you not doing/ missing out on by spending time with us?

So… do you want to play? Are you ready to commit to a long-term relationship with SAP?

Are you a startup interested in working with SAP.iO? Contact us here!

Looking for more resources to help you leverage your partnership with SAP? Check out the one and only AlumniHub!



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