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SAP.iO Takes the SAP Consumer Products Customer Advisory Council

Here’s what you need to know from the most recent SAP Consumer Products Advisory Council

On April 13th, over 50 of SAP’s top customers in Consumer Products gathered virtually at this year’s SAP Consumer Products Customer Advisory Council (CPAC). The group met to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the industry, with a focus on exceeding the ever-changing, diverse expectations of consumers. To demonstrate innovations SAP is bringing to customers SAP.iO Startups Jebbit, Mention Me, Teamcore, and Wisy were chosen to present their applications during the session.

“We had four SAP.iO startups join the SAP Consumer Products Council to show innovation that is extending SAP. Teamcore and Wisy are innovative solutions that extend SAP’s solutions for Retail Activity Optimization and Jebbit and Mention Me deliver edge innovations in consumer products marketing. The attendees loved the session and are pursuing next steps.”

-Harris Fogel, Global Vice President Consumer Products

Meet the startups whose innovations are helping extend SAP solutions to transform the consumer products space


Jebbit helps CPG companies create engaging, branded quizzes and digital experiences that collect zero-party, customer-declared data at scale, directly from their consumers. As consumers interact with Jebbit, brands can analyze the data in real time to achieve optimal performance and then use that data (or any experience) to increase conversion rates, capture qualified leads, enrich customer profiles, build audiences for personalized retargeting, and more. With Jebbit, SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement customers can collect customer-declared, first-party data at scale to update existing consumer records or, to create net-new records when also capturing new user PII. Both attribute-level data and events from Jebbit any engagement can also trigger real-time, personalized emails or complex automated engagement programs like customer journeys. SAP CDC customers can use Jebbit by implementing SSO functionality to validate email records collected using Jebbit, and can also send first-party, declared data into CDC to either update existing customer records or, to send net-new customer records into a client’s CDC instance.

Find Jebbit’s solution on SAP Store here!

Mention Me

Mention Me creates a deeply data-driven program based on the context and behavior of buyers, helping brands engage their best customers, acquire new ones, and identify each customer’s likelihood to refer and at which point in the lifecycle referral is most likely to succeed. Referral Engineering™ outperforms ‘simple’ referral systems, increasing customer acquisition by up to a third, and driving sustainable revenue. Referred customers spend 11% more on their first order and are 5x more likely to refer others, allowing brands to create a continuous cycle of growth. SAP Customers using Mention Me’s solution can now harness their consumers’ enthusiasm for their brand to drive acquisition, increase customer lifetime value, and boost AOV. Mention Me helps SAP customers leverage this unique 1st party into their tech stack to improve performance across other marketing channels and create highly personalized experiences, enhancing performance throughout the customer lifecycle.

Find Mention Me’s solution on SAP Store here!


Teamcore’s cloud-based next-gen retail execution platform powers intelligent workflow automation that alerts CPG companies with real-time visibility as to which products aren’t selling, why, and what they can do about it quickly. Teamcore obtains directly from the retailers’ sell-out, stock, transit, orders and retail DC information daily, using CPG’s data-sharing accesses (B2B portals), running sophisticated data cleansing tools over this data. With Teamcore’s diagnostic ML engine, smart and prioritized tasks are generated automatically for field team execution, and meaningful insights based on major sales opportunities are delivered to key account managers and supply chain roles. SAP Customers using Teamcore’s solution can activate Teamcore’s intelligent workflows for field and HQ teams, connecting data across the supply chain from client warehouse and retailer DC to shelf, so that companies don’t miss out on sales opportunities with targeted value-based activities.

Find Teamcore’s solution on SAP Store here!


Wisy provides real-time intelligence from shelf images to achieve control at scale, reduce loss, and sell more effectively in any retail location. Customers using Wisy get actionable insights from rich and unbiased data on facings, pricings, planogram and share of shelf to maximize sales and enable wiser operations. Wisy’s powerful AI analytics also allow clients to get actionable insights from rich and unbiased data on facings, pricings, planogram and share of shelf in order to reduce loss and maximize sales. Users can even collect paper- based data such as receipts, processed in real-time in any language and format to discover new insights, and to engage with employees or customers at any location. CPG sales reps using Wisy can quickly do distribution or planogram checks at any point of sale with image intelligence, and Wisy returns out-of-stock, on-shelf availability, and pricing data within seconds and automatically fills in those fields with SAP C4C surveys.

Find Wisy’s solution on SAP Store here!

And there you have it! A successful SAP Consumer Products Council, focusing on the latest innovations that are putting personalized and seamless consumer experiences in-store and online front and center. As SAP Consumer Products customers continue to navigate the new reality, they can be sure that the latest SAP.iO startup solutions will help them thrive and best utilize data to provide rich and engaging experiences for their consumers.

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