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Starting a corporate venture: From idea to funding

A founders’ journey with EverLoop by SAP

When and how did you know you had a viable idea for a start-up?

Ajit: Our idea started 1.5 years ago over a coffee, discussing a way to dispose mobile phones that are no longer being used, or are broken. Together, we counted the number of mobile phones lying around at home and found that we had nearly 10 devices. From there our curiosity drove us to start researching how much e-waste was being generated globally. Using LinkedIn, we started reaching out to various stakeholders in the industry, from waste pickers to India’s largest recyclers. We also went directly to retail stores and talked to managers to validate the issue of e-waste disposal. Based on these conversations, we became confident that this was a viable solution that could solve the global problem of e-waste.

So, you have a problem to solve. Now what?

Ajit: Your team is everything. We are a team of four, comprised of Kiruthika and myself, where we manage product planning and customer tractions, while Rima and Amit work on platform development and integrations.

Which difficulties did you have to overcome in your first months as co-founders?

Ajit: We never ran an entire business and all its operations before. Everything about starting a venture was new to us: from ideation phase to developing a new product and scaling. We had to learn everything on the fly — which was a fun challenge!

What plans do you have for the future?

Ajit: SAP is not just an enabler but an exemplar as well. EverLoop has been co-innovating with the SAP IT team in India and has already released its first internal version to them. The team now uses our EverLoop platform for their IT asset disposal in all campuses across the country. EverLoop’s next milestone will be an external release to customers.

About EverLoop by SAP

EverLoop by SAP helps every business to achieve zero waste by connecting stakeholders across the e-waste value chain. By simplifying and connecting organizations, EverLoop by SAP extends the life cycle of used electronic products and opens doors too for enterprises to new sustainable networks. To learn more about the future’s marketplace for electronics manufacturers and e-waste recyclers, go to

About SAP.iO Venture Studio

SAP.iO Venture Studio drives a new era of organic growth at SAP. It invests in new ventures founded by small, entrepreneurial teams inside of SAP who are focused on building the future of enterprise business processes. SAP.iO Venture Studio provides design, development, and sales support to help these ventures launch. Founding teams join the SAP.iO Venture Studio primarily through the SAP.iO Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) programs. Find out more on



SAP.iO is growing a generation of revolutionary software businesses in the SAP ecosystem.

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SAP.iO is growing a generation of revolutionary software businesses in the SAP ecosystem.