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Working with SAP’s Account Teams to Land Your Next Big Customer

Check out these top tips from our conversation with SAP’s Global Account Director of The Home Depot, Jason Bidgood, on how to best collaborate with SAP and get your solution in the hands of our biggest customers.

Watch the full recording with Jason here!

A Bit of Background: The Home Depot’s Journey with SAP.iO

1. SAP and the Home Depot hosted a successful design thinking session in 2018 focused on how to improve store operations. The session defined four areas where SAP could potentially make an impact. The team chose to look to SAP.iO for innovation partners that could support.

So… What can your startup do to successfully engage with SAP account teams & work with our customers?

1. Explore the Different Ways to Innovate Together 🧐

Create a proof of technology: In the case of The Home Depot and SAP, once the team laid out priorities, they developed a ‘point of view’ for The Home Depot to show that we at SAP understand their goals, and have relevant technologies we can offer to achieve them. This ideation then leads to implementation of the plan, and finally a startup pilot.

2. Know the “Who’s Who” in the SAP Zoo🐘

Understand the account structure. Get to know your line of business account executive. If you know who to align with in your specific area, this can help you to scale your startup business. Utilize Linkedin to research and utilize the introductions made during your time in the Foundries programs. Feel free to refresh your memory on networking within SAP and making internal introductions in this blog here.

Jason talks in detail about the account team structure and different positions that you must know in our recording above at the 12:53 timestamp

Study the account executives KPI’s. Knowing what the account executive cares about can help influence the degree of collaboration & interest in working with your startup.

3. Plan your timing ⏰

Business is calendar-driven. The end of the year is about closing existing deals, and the critical entry point for new business occurs in the first couple months of year. Plan your strategy accordingly. Hello January and February!!!

Best Practices from a GAD on Successfully Engaging with our Account Teams

1. Be willing to put in the effort to contextualize your story for that customer, even in the initial conversation with the SAP AE or GAD. Little details matter: change the colors of your presentation to that of the customers’, demonstrate you’ve done your homework, and make sure to show compelling investment.

Looking for more resources to help you leverage your partnership with SAP? Check out the one and only AlumniHub! Do you have any other topics you think would be useful for SAP.iO alums to hear, please let us know here. Last but not least, don’t forget to join our alumni Linkedin group here!

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