Agustina Fayos: feelings before and after the day we’ve been waiting for

In order to explain what we experienced those two days, I think that the phrase that best sums it up and motivates us, as the first Social Sabbatical for Local Engagement’s team, is “willingness to help”.

On the first day, we met between us -Pro Bono consultants-, PYXERA Global coordinators and mentors. Some we already knew each other, but not from this perspective, not from the Social Sabbatical’s view.

We shared an activity based in two groups -architechs and engineers-. We split in these two teams, and we had to make the other team build what we were seeing, but only with words.

This was a way to show us how can we share our ideas with the organizations we were assigned. A huge challenge, but at the same time really exciting.

We also tested our creativity when each sub-team had to create a brand for their teams.

After those activities, we had lunch together and then went to Norcenter to experience another enjoyable moment between consultants.

The big day finally arrived, we were so anxious to see our customers, to make them feel they were home.

Breakfast was served while each organization and pro bono consultants were introduced to the rest of the teams. Then we talked about what was the objective of the workshop day: agree between both parties the target for their project.

We started talking about the organization’s problems itself and a brainstorming was made by each sub-team to try to get to a proper solution (or solutions). To think out of the box was the main challenge, but it was one of the most positive ways to approach to our goals.

Afterwards, we presented all together along with PYXERA Global a debate between sub-teams. We found out lot of things in common between the non profit organizations, such as they don’t feel as a “company” when it comes to their administration and structure, but in some way they understood they should be in order to grow. I think that seeing this same pattern among all of the organizations allowed them to notice these little fails they already struggle with.

At noon, we lunched all together again and started the second part of the workshop to finally define the main goal of our project: “Crystallize the plan”. We spoke about what is not going to be included during this consultancy, key step to have only one objective in mind and be all conscious of what we want to accomplish.

Finally, we exposed again together and we all were really happy and anxious to start working in each project. It was a productive but intense workday, but at the same time really motivating and challenging.

Agustina Fayos

Pro Bono Consultant — ComIT