04.04.2017 Say NO to Comfort Zone….

One has to come out of comfort zone to bring the change. The example is below

The CEO & Founder of TFV having a nap

Yes, he is the CEO & Founder of TFV having nap after a lunch. It seems to be the part of asian culture in Pakistan we also do the same.

Islam also emphasis on taking midday nap as Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم used to take a midday nap.

More about day… we got bombarded with lots information from Phuc & Team.

Heading towards Coffee Shop

We had a great coffee, me as usual innovating tastes so I ordered my self innovated coffee Cà phê đá (Ice Coffee) with Blueberry Syrup

We had a great random discussion difference between Knowledge & Information, and was surprised most of the team participated with their perceptions of these terminologies.

Day ended with me using first time Uber service with my own mobile.

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