8. Are we going to fly with that?

Gergely Köcse
Aug 11, 2017 · 3 min read

Soon I will post my final takeaways of the SAP Social Sabbatical in Tanzania 2017. First that take a look at these photos of an overwhelming experience.

To make the Africa travel story more complete, some of us from the SoSa team booked a safari trip touching North and Central Serengeti regions, and closing the journey in the Ngorogoro crater.

Not researching too much prior the adventure I was not prepared for seeing all the stunning landscape views and the animal wildlife that never rests. Although in a 5 days trip I got to know the overall picture of the life circulation in the Serengeti. Rule first that I had to learn: there are cats and there is catfood.

We flied in to North Serengeti, then we made our way back to Arusha on the road.
Cheetah is looking for cat food
Left: Giraffe chewing a tree. Right: classic Serengeti dusk view.
Ngorogoro panorama
From top to right: Pumba. Simba brothers, Sap team in a luxy camp, and gnus crossing in the river Mara
Camp above Ngorogoro crater at 2220 meter. The weather was not as I would imagine in Africa

SAP Social Sabbatical

Gergely Köcse

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SAP Social Sabbatical

The SAP Social Sabbatical is a portfolio of short-term volunteering assignments where SAP employees work in highly diverse teams to solve strategic challenges for NGOs in different markets across the globe.

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