Ayubowan: Welcome to Sri Lanka!

Nice try ;-)

We made it! The whole team has meanwhile safely arrived at Colombo, Sri Lanka, and by now even all the luggage has made its way to our hotel. We also have enough MacBook chargers so that everybody can keep working ;-)

Our day started with a delicious breakfast at the hotel. Having arrived at 2 am and fallen asleep around 3, I’m glad that I forced myself to get up again at 9 am in order to have breakfast with the other guys who had already arrived. Later, we went for a walk in order to collect some cash from an ATM and had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Yummy Eggplants

As part of my jet lag prevention strategy, I even went to the gym for some super awful exercises instead of napping all afternoon. We concluded the day with a nice Brazilian dinner buffet, but had to skip the caipirinhas due to the national holiday, as today it isn’t allowed to sell alcohol for consumption in public. And now if you think we’re just eating and relaxing all day: No way! :-)

Seriously, it was great that we could use this first day to recover from the long journey and get to know each other while still waiting for some of our fellows to arrive. We already had some great conversations, and I’m looking forward to more of everything!

Bottom line, we’re all set for an exciting month! Tomorrow, we will be introduced to Mala, our local consultant from PYXERA Global who will brief us about the city and country and take us on a neigborhood tour. I heard that there will also be some team-building activities.

There is one guy about whom we talked a lot today. I guess he would probably say: “It’s gonna be huge!” And I bet this time he would be right.

What a View!