Crea+ workshop for Creandos – Los agentes de cambio

We went to a Crea+ workshop for Creandos (volunteers) last Saturday held at the University of Lima. The goal of the workshop was to on onboard new Creandos and provide teambuilding for existing Creandos.

In the morning I joined the team building session for experienced Creandos. It started with a series of “dynamic” warm-up exercises between Creandos to break the ice.

During the break we caught up with Crea+ directors Daniel, Nicholas and Wilber.

We also got the chance to do some shopping and buy some Crea+ merchandise.

During the second session after the break, I joined the Crea+ logistics team session. The logistics teams rehearsed their relevant processes for schools on Saturdays, with diffferent team members having fun acting out various activities driving the bus to school, catching a ride on the bus and so on.

They wrapped up the session with a final team bonding exercise.

Before leaving for some fun dancing and a group photo, everyone was given a sweet with a message.

And then some music and dancing.

We finished off with a group photo.

The Crea+ mission is to be the leading social change movement in Peru by encouraging Individual Social Responsibility to empower young adults and children. It was clear from the workshop that they are having an positive impact on the young adults who volunteer as Creandos.

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