CSR + SAP = Social Sabbatical

Corporate Social Responsibility, or more commonly referred to as “CSR,” is an organization’s business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

SAP’s CSR Mission is to equip the world’s youth with skills they need to tackle society’s challenges and thrive in the digital economy. As a global company, SAP has various programs to tackle their CSR strategy, including:

  • Social Sabbatical programs
  • Month of Service
  • Local volunteer opportunities

SAP began the Social Sabbatical program in 2012 and currently offers four different types of programs: global, regional, local, and executive.

I first learned about the global Social Sabbatical program last spring. It’s an opportunity for SAP employees to work in an emerging market with an NGO (Non-Government Organization). SAP employees partners with the NGO to help solve their business problem(s).

After sitting in on an informational call last spring and hearing about the “triple impact” of the program, I immediately knew that I wanted to apply:

  • Client organizations (usually smaller NGOs): access to professional expertise, take a step back & fresh look at organization & mission.
  • Participants: partner with organizations in emerging markets, immerse yourself with another culture, significant social impact, leadership development, and focus on simplicity.
  • SAP: extend people and social investment strategy, increase employee engagement, develop new insights, improve brand reputation.

In a given year, here’s how the global program works:

  • 10 assignment locations (participants are assigned to one location)
  • 120 participants per year (12 employees per team/location)
  • 19 workdays onsite (plus pre-work and travel)

Over the summer, I learned that I would be traveling with 11 other SAP colleagues from all over the globe to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (!!) for the entire month of April

I am so incredibly thankful for this opportunity and will be blogging about my experiences.

Feel free to follow along and read other SAP Social Sabbatical posts!

Hope you enjoy!

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