Day 6 & 7: Gratitude, preferably with chocolate

For me to be away from both my job at SAP as well as my home for 4 weeks to take part of the SAP Social Sabbatical in HCM, I had to have a lot of support both professionally and personally.

Thank you to my manager, Marion, for your support and encouraging me to stop worrying about work and to focus on the experience! Thank you to Mimi and Pappy for helping out with our three amazing children! Thank you to Will for juggling everything plus a new business so that I could experience this! Thank you to Moss, Mina, and Greta for your hugs and kisses over FaceTime and I miss you all very much.

Airport before leaving — Greta, Mina, Moss and Me, lovely husband behind camera

Friday started with an early morning walk along the river close to our hotel.

Next, we continued our discovery phase with more Design Thinking! Here we are with the results.

SoSa Team and TFV Team

Vy taught me the term “wefie” and here we demonstrate. . .

Speaking of gratitude, let me introduce you to Masion Marou. Thank you Vy and TFV for bringing us to this special chocolate shop! All single origin chocolate from Vietnam in many forms such as bon bons, drinks, and bars. Seriously the best chocolate I have ever had and I have had a fair bit of chocolate.


Even the chocolate makers love it here. . .

I would smile too if I worked here. . .

Saturday, we were invited to take part in a joint meeting with Teach for Vietnam, the Agricultural Institute of Tay Ninh Province, and Manager Magazine. We had the opportunity to share our current project with Teach for Vietnam as well as sample beautiful fruits and vegetables from the Tay Ninh Province. Thank you for such warm hospitality as well as the lovely magazine for a souvenir.

Phuc Huynh from TFV