Getting Ready for Takeoff

Winter in Berlin

Only five days left until I’m leaving the cold Berlin winter behind to jump on a plane (ok, in fact, three planes) and head to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, for my Social Sabbatical assignment.

Having gone through almost six weeks of pre-work which helped me and my eleven fellows from all over the world preparing for our assignments by getting to know each other as well as the host organizations and the Sri Lankan culture, it is now time to start with the actual travel preparation.

Although I’m usually a last-minute person when it comes to packing my bags, this time I’m an early bird thanks to the comprehensive logistics guide provided by the gorgeous PYXERA Global team who does not only organize the Social Sabbatical on behalf of SAP, but is also giving us participants precious advice and support throughout the pre-work and the whole program.

So, whereas there are still plenty of items on my to-do list, I can at least tick off buying toiletries and refilling my first-aid kit. However, I should probably add “prepare for the 23 kg free baggage allowance challenge” ;-)

Better Safe than Sorry!