Knowledge is Light!!!!

There is well-known saying that

‘Knowledge is an enemy for an arrogant youth just like the flowing of water is an enemy for a tall building.’

I don’t know whether it’s related to the project or not but after contemplating these quotes means a lot to society in my opinion. What you think about that?

Coming back from where we left, weekend was very good we were invited to a kind of seminar organized by TFV in collaboration with Agricultural Institute of Tay Ninh Province & Manager Magazine. We glimpsed SAP solutions and shed the light on our purpose to be in Vietnam.

Outcome was really amazing, Agricultrual Institute of Tay Ninh province have firm believe in The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP.

Souvenir from Manager Magazine to SAP-Team
Organic Fruits from Agricultural Institute of Tay Ninh Province

And rest of the afternoon was just left for relaxing…!!

On Sunday, we executed the planned trip to Củ Chi tunnels via speedboat. It was great experience!!!!

On Monday, I visited Vietcombank Tower in order to get my VISA card back which was swallowed by ATM machine. As I entered the bank, I was amazed that all female employees were in Green c0lor áo dài (Traditional Vietnamese Costume).

Rest of the day, joined hands & heads with my team for finalizing SoW.

Here are the some activities & moments from Tuesday 11th April 2017….

Human Centered Design in progress……
Actually it’s a Coffee Shop… don’t get confused with Motorbikes
One source of energy!!!!!
we found coffee shop and we are now happy
Rapunzel’s hair…
Tasting diversity!!!!! @ Hum Restaurant
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