Leaving Arusha.

Our Social Sabbatical officially came to a close yesterday with all teams presenting on their findings and our host organisations sharing their feedback on the work done and how they experienced these past four weeks.

I am literally in my last half hour in Arusha when I start writing this, and then the phone rings to let me know the airport transfer is ready to leave. Time to log off and continue this later.

Just touched down in Addis Ababa for a 3,5 hour layover. Let me share some pictures from the voyage till here.

I’ll check back in tomorrow for a last post with (I hope by then) a video testimonial from Damian Bell, CEO of Honeyguide, and Saif Khanbhai, Entrepreneur and philanthropist. I interviewed both of them on conservation and their commitment to establishing a conservation center in Arusha, as the go-to place for tourists and communities to learn about the challenges of conservation, and how every individual can contribute.

Stay tuned…

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