Let me tell you a story…

One of the final workshops we did with Crea+ was on storytelling. Storytelling is possibly the most effective way of communicating ideas, and evidence suggests that messages are much more memorable when wrapped in a story.

When it comes to storytelling, many people leverage the work of Joseph Campbell. He studied mythology from different cultures all over the world and came up with a theory called the Seventeen Stages of the Monomyth, also know as The Hero’s Journey, which he published in his book entitled The Hero With a Thousand Faces. When George Lucas was working on Star Ways, he hired Joseph Campbell as a consultant to come up with the perfect story.

Crea+ has quite a few Star Wars fans so the idea of developing some storytelling techniques really struck a chord with them. Just as SAP sales executives tell stories as part of a sales pitch to paint a picture in customers’ minds of what is possible with SAP software, the Crea+ team was similarly looking at storytelling to deliver their pitch to donors, and also to recruit volunteers.

We used the Design Thinking Journey Mapping technique as a means of storyboarding.

This proved to be very popular tool with the Crea+ Fundraising team, and it wasn’t long before they were hard at work creating a compelling story!

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