Lima Verde — Strangers become a team

On Sunday we finally got to meet the whole team of 12 at our team building workshop on the top floor meeting room of our hotel.

Armed with dolche de lecche from Argentina (courtesy of Esteban), dried mango from India (from Suma) and Russian chocolate (from Liza), we get down to finding all about SAP Corporate Social Responsibility, and some team building exercises.

Esteban gives us details on SAP Corporate Social Responsibilty

Sharks, Architects, and Engineers

So what do sharks have to do with Architects and Engineers, I hear you ask. Not a lot, unless you have an architect telling an engineer how to build a shark out of building blocks without seeing what it looks like. Great exercise on the importance of communication.

Architects discussing how to explain the shark construction
Engineers trying to build the shark on the architect instructions
The original and the copy

We also had to find out things about our team mates, like who has a tattoo, who has more than one nationality, and more.

It was a fun packed morning followed by a walk down to Larcomar for lunch with a view over the Pacific.

Lima Verde with our Project Assistants and Pysera Global

Finally we got a photo of all of us together :)

Then a quick tour of the local amenities, such as banks, money exchange places, and laundromats, before heading back to the hotel for the final stage of our team-building day, and our Welcome Dinner at Madam Tusan — a Peruvian Chinese Fusion restaurant.

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