Little Pockets of Ahmedabad

In the midst of all the orderly chaos that fill the streets of the city, we have come across many friendly faces, hidden jems and amazing communities.

Our sub-team discovered the vast and relaxing grounds of IIMA main campus and its honest-architectural design (structures such as beams and columns are not covered up and therefore not “pretending” to be something it is not). It is incredible to learn of all the people that have made their way up the prestigious Harvard steps (besides us of course! *lol*).

Our campus clowns… haha
IIMA Main Campus — On a Regular Day vs Convocation
Harvard Steps!
In & Around Campus

We had an unforgettable night (a series of misfortunate events that makes for a hilarious story another day) while heading to the International Classical Dance Festival produced by IceCraft. Having practiced dance in the past, it is always nice to see how cultural dance has come to adopt the contemporary style — I must say that I am a bit old school and appreciate the traditional pieces more!

Photo Credit: Conor McEvoy

I was very lucky to befriend people from Creative Getaway — a creative community that hosts weekly events open to the pubic. A few of us definitely appreciated a creative outlet by getting a chance to do some graffiti art for a local food truck park. We had a great morning! And it was Ahmedabad’s birthday. =)

Happy Birthday Ahmedabad!
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