SAP Social Sabbatical Ghana - week 2!

The SAP Social Sabbatical subteam (Bence, me and Susan) with some of the members of the Youth Bridge Foundation

Second week of the Social Sabbatical in Ghana… what a week! We have been working a lot on our deliverables for the Youth Bridge Foundation. In two weeks from now we will deliver a communications strategy for the Youth Bridge Foundation, to help them become more efficient in several areas like project management, audience engagement and IT. I’ve learned over the past two weeks working with the staff of this organisation, that they all have such great passion for their country and the positive development of the youth in Ghana. It is inspiring to see and experience this! This makes it even more rewarding to be able to help them :-)

Almost every day Alex drives us to the office (thank you Alex for doing this!), but what a chaos on the roads of Accra..! And as you can see, it is totally normal here to drive on the wrong side just to avoid traffic (if it works out!). Oh my gosh…
Our lovely receptionist at the Youth Bridge Foundation office in Accra, Ghana. She greets us almost every morning with a big smile :-)
Another day at the office with the Youth Bridge Foundation team
This cute little girl is the niece of the Executive Director of the Youth Bridge Foundation and as of now we call her our newest team member :-D

Besides working at the office of the Youth Bridge Foundation we also have the option to work at our hotel in a conference room specially dedicated to the SAP team. Which is great, because we need to write a lot and do a lot of deskresearch so we don’t have to go into the chaotic traffic of Accra every day ;-)

Working at the confrence room of our hotel
Having lunch and work at the same time is a good combination ;-)

Besides working we also have some time to enjoy the life in Accra and the lovely people. Everywhere we go, they always greet us and are very polite. We went to an open air bar in Accra where they had their own ‘Ghana got Talent’. Didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be great! Some locals performed (singing, dancing, playing instruments) and doing their best to impress the audience. Everybody was in a good mood and cheering for all of the performers, so of course we cheered for them as well :-) A great experience!

A glimpse of Accra
Still amazed by these ladies carrying heavy plates on their heads
‘Ghana got Talent’!!
The SAP Social Sabbatical colleagues

Now we are on our way to week number 3. On Monday we will visit the Western Region office of the Youth Bridge Foundation for two days. They promised me a bumpy car ride of more than 4 hours to the western part of Ghana. Looking forward to this ride! ahum… Let’s see how it goes ;-) However, it will be again a busy week for us with new experiences. I’ll keep you posted!

Groetjes uit Ghana!

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