Social Sabbatical: Third week in Florianópolis

Working with FUCAS gives us a fresh perspective in life and exciting experiences. Our host organization runs differently than the other three sub-teams which are more inclined in technology, start-ups and the usual stuff that we have in SAP. After all, Florianópolis is deemed “The Silicon Valley of Brazil”.

We are now on our third week, there’s so much that we have accomplished and still a few to complete. A lot has happened and the weeks are going by so fast. Before we know it, the assignment is over and we are going back to our normal lives.

Going old school with our Do-list.

The first week was the discovery phase: introductions, everyone’s settling in, getting accustomed to the new environment, exploring what the place has to offer, the team tries to reconvene after work hours to catch a bite or drink, we tend to do things all together as a big group. It was the week where we intend to listen, observe and absorb.

By the second week, the collective observation was that everyone’s slowly falling back to their respective paces, catching their own rhythm, eating at their own time and where their taste buds take them rather than going all together in one group. On the work front, tasks have been laid out and we do our best to execute them timely.

By the third week, for us in FUCAS, we have celebrated big victories even in the smallest ways. In order to achieve our objectives and get a better understanding of how things are in FUCAS, we have been involved in numerous activities such as interviewing people from all levels in FUCAS, visiting the beneficiaries’ communities, holding a Design Thinking session, and even playing sports with the kids!

Design Thinking session with the FUCAS educators and admin staff.
Huddle session before playing Basketball. We also played Tennis beforehand. I officially suck at both sports and it may have triggered my asthma, but the experience was great and I am glad I tried it.

This week, we are finalizing our documents, getting our stakeholders to sign off, and we are just about ready to submit and present our deliverables. We are right on track and hopefully no surprises on the final week!

The island of Florianopolis, or locally called Floripa, boasts of 42 beaches. I came from a tropical country as well, but I have never been happier to soak in some sun that weekend. Probably because it has been cloudy and raining the whole week. So, I took the local bus and went to the beach south side of the island. I got lost along the way but it was okay. I guess that happens when you don’t fluently speak the local language. Will I do it again? Definitely!

Pântano do Sul
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