The lighthouse of James Town

Today really was a light house day: we’ve made it all the way to Accra, to the top of the lighthouse, now it was time to have a look out there at what expects us here the next four weeks. It was a great day of enlightment in terms of having our first meeting with all 13 team members of the Global Health Corporate Champions Programme, getting to know the Pyxera local team and receiving a vast amount of guiding information on the projects, local culture, logistics…

Followed by the real arrival in Accra, the eye-opener as to why our time here is well spent: a walk through James town fishing community, the living and working conditions of its inhabitants, rather shocking sights in terms of housing, rubbish, hygiene, accompanied by some terrifying facts about orphans, teenage pregnancy, human trafficking…

A walk up to the historic lighthouse finally allowed us to breathe some fresh sea breeze. The sight (despite the layer of smog) ranged from fishing boats on the water on one side, the community’s poor housing at the feet of the lighthouse, and to the wide city lights of Accra lighting up the streets as the sun disappeared.

The day ends marvelously with (my) first Ghanaian dinner shared with the team, which already feels close and connected after less than 24 hours.

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