#zeitgeist: Keep Calm & Stay Balanced

The zeitgeist or mood of the 21st century is best expressed by the generation which shapes it the most — millennials. In my first episode, I was curious about the overall millennial take on technological and social developments. This time, I zoom in on a topic which leads to an evident difference of opinion even among my generational peers: work-life balance.

Developments like digital mobility, social media etc. result in new work models but what impact do they have on private and professional life? More importantly, do millennials have a life after work or is work their life? Watch Jameka’s take on it:

Flexible scheduling, working wherever you are and being freed from the famous working desk is what my generation asks from their employers. But does it mean I need to be available 24/7 and what if I like to be in the office, go home at 5 and be done with work? The trend is going towards work-life integration. Whether integration or balance appeals more to your life style, you should have the freedom to decide and, most importantly, not be judged by your employer or colleagues. Your choice shouldn’t be understood as a reflection of how passionate you are about your job.

Keep in mind, “we all need time offline to contemplate our lives and our wellbeing.” So make sure to take timeouts and live consciously otherwise, as Jameka put it, “you miss out on life.”

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