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Teisha LeShea
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4 min readApr 30, 2024


There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou (an update 2024)

This image of me will always be mine. I’m not afraid to sue (insert sly grin here). I also started my loc journey a little over two years ago.

Rereading my first about me, I realized it’s outdated, and a lot has changed since I wrote it. I’ve lost and gained jobs, started writing projects, left others, had a few surgeries, and been rich and poor. I’m rewriting my story and re-introducing myself to those who have followed my work and are new to the Medium platform.

Welcome to my About Me. My name is teisha leshea, and I’ve been a writer on this platform since August 2020. I’ve been writing in journals and school newspapers since high school, but it’s been eight-plus years on a public platform(s).

One of the biggest lessons I learned using this platform is to cut your paragraphs in half. Readers may find your format intimidating and need more interest before reading the first sentence. - teisha leshea

I currently reside in California with the majority of my family. I work as an Insurance Billing Specialist at a popular Registry Service. I have two beautiful nieces and a beautiful nephew.

I gave myself the title of being a fun-tie and goofy aunt who helps them break the rules but also be a teacher and a protector. Besides my nieces and nephew bringing out my inner child, I’m generally goofy.