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5 Small Scale Business Ideas for Millennials — Startup 101

#1. Connectivity for Long Distance Travel

Every day thousands of passengers travel from one point to other on long distance route and then have to purchase another ticket in another mode of transport to reach their final destination and have to pay for that again. Suppose that you are going on a long excursion. At present, upon the arrival of making a trip we have to reach by our own particular method of transport to point of travel (bus,train,airport) and subsequent to achieving goal, we require another mode to achieve our genuine goal (home/office). Can a small scale business SCALE!

#2. Pet food

This is something a lot of us can relate to — consuming a variety of tasty food for each meal (and in between) while our four-legged “family member” does not. Does that make him truly our family, are we providing him equal rights and privilege we swore to when we took him home? Is he really living a better life with us or just surviving in a better way? One night, my sibling had pizza home-conveyed for supper. Presently, it’s regular practice in our family to either not eat at all when he’s in room, send him out to yard to eat his kibble, or my mother sustains him bread, cake or scraps as a treat. There was something to fulfill everybody — pizza for him, pasta for me, some chocolate cake for our sister. However, supper wasn’t exactly fulfilling for everybody in family. As we had our supper, one sets of eyes took a gander at us, not touching his supper by any means.

#3. Obligation working capital financing

Addressable Debt financing hole remains at above $200 billion for small and medium enterprise business and out of this 60% is required for working capital. Huge number of small and medium enterprises are not qualified to get Loans because of non-accessibility of Audited financials, CIBIL score, Tax return and so forth. Financing against Purchase arrange, receipt marking down/figuring is still not predominant in India. On the off chance that a small and medium enterprises manages blue chip organizations, it can get financing from banks. However, in event that small scale business and medium enterprises manage different SMEs, non recorded/non-evaluated Large corp orates, securing account get to be distinctly troublesome.

#4. Legal advisor Updates

There is no expert programming which records any discussions among-st promoter and customer. As of now customers faces gigantic trouble in following case status. It gets to be bad dream if there are different cases appended to primary case or if customer has numerous cases running in court. Taking after are principle issues: Firstly, no formal correspondence about case status. Second, no updates accessible for customer. Third, no product accessible to transfer and download case related papers. There are applications which helps you to track your cases disconnected. Everybody required for situation would download and utilize application to record case data locally. On off chance that customer records anything about case, backer won’t have capacity to know and other way around.

#5. Learning Content

One awesome startup is making online learning courses in SAP for a niche space. And, yes. We can endorse the quality of the content. The contents provides instructor led online training using virtual live classroom. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. However, will online training supplant a physical college? While I question it in the truly not so distant future, the general public is indicating in that bearing and in less than couple of years I trust that most courses will be done totally on the web. Let’s hope it does in a positive way for your small scale business.

Is there a market with such real-word challenges? Do you have any individual stories or accounts that you’d jump at chance to partake in connection to this issue explanation, or have any extra measurements, research or perusing material identified with issue gathered here? Do let us know. We are always looking forward great ideas.

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