5 Tips for Every SMEs

It is a constant pain to understand your business from the eyes of another person. And, having been there, and done that — I am writing a few tips what you might need to consider as a product expert.

#1: What my client’s think?

When you share rough cuts, feedback is key. When you vary on your quality, you create more engaging. And, customers stick. Be creative in taking feedback. Don’t bore them with a basic form. You need to shout from the mountain tops asking your customer what they really want. Till then, don’t keep changing your product’s model. Many companies are failing to show real progress due to such reasons. If you start asking your customer to move to a database of your choice, you start losing clients.

#2: What my shareholders think?

How you payback your shareholders plays a major role in user perception, and influences intentions to those who are at stake. In the end, it all boils down to numbers. And now that every businesses are being threatened, we need stakeholder’s support more than ever. We implore the startups to do their homework.

#3: Don’t lose yourselves

Own the product. Ride the tiger. Fix the bugs. Hold the gun. Be prepared to face new challenges. Many of us have felt gutted and demoralized when we start. Every SCRUM need not be a fixable problem. So if you’re feeling helpless or dejected, just take a look around: you’re not alone. The options are many. Its a choice that you make.

#4: Choosing your software

The easiest way to keep things in your business consistent, especially as your business grows, is through a salable software. The important thing is that it links all your basic business objects and can act as the singular point of reference for any future migration project. Yes. Some ERPs can rival the user-experience of your favorite features, but don’t let that overwhelm you. A simple and single feature may be all you need. As a CXO, begin learning the basics about all what you need to be 10x more competitive than your biggest competitor.

#5: Perception

First, start by clearing up the misconceptions about the services that you can provide. A lot of your clients don’t understand what your newest blood can provide. Introduce your team to your clients. Show them your yet to be released products. Show them what you can make with your bare hands.

Next topic we’ll talk about 5 elements you’ll want to include in your cloud app. If you love this blog, please share this widely. And, we need that support.