Beating Complacency — What bogs down your entrepreneurial spirit?

Mar 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Complacency has replaced initiative.

Complacency in the workplace is both counterproductive and potentially dangerous. A complacent work culture can lead to low levels of employee satisfaction, a lack of innovation, and poor retention. Complacency can manifest itself in many ways, including the following:

  1. Disengaged leaders and employees
  2. Cessation of calculated risks

Shared experiences have come to a screeching halt

A growing number of responsibilities and a more substantial workforce can reduce the quality and quantity of employee gatherings. If you cannot remember the last time you held a party or an impromptu employee gathering after hours, then it is time to refocus your efforts on creating more opportunities for you and your employees to spend quality time together.

Employees are doing the bare minimum

If you feel increasingly frustrated because your employees seem to be exerting minimal effort at work, then a big business mentality may be permeating your workforce. Here are some Indications that your employees may be cutting corners and doing the bare

Minimum to keep their Jobs:

Employees consistently leave early every day Absenteeism is on the rise Workers rarely offer suggestions or ideas anymore You notice a growing number of employee errors.

Your business gets caught in a time warp

“…Big companies can’t fight their way through paperwork, budgets, & politics to create real innovation — probably the very thing that got them to that size in first place.”

Does your business look and function exactly the same way that it did two years ago? Are you still using the same strategies to generate leads and business? If your start-up has remained virtually unchanged over the past couple of years, then it is time to reclaim your entrepreneurial spirit.

What can you do to restore your entrepreneurial spirit?

Fortunately, reviving your entrepreneurial spirit is not costly or difficult, especially if you get started as soon as you see the signs above. You can recapture your enterprising nature by implementing the series of steps described below.

Always watch for the warning signs above

You must actively monitor your organization for signs of complacency and stagnancy. Recognizing and addressing these unproductive behaviors before they become commonplace throughout your organization is vital to resurrecting an innovative work culture. Be sure to attend to these specific warning signs as soon as they arise:

  1. Approach on-boarding and training with an entrepreneurial flair Your new hires represent the future of your company. The on-boarding process is the perfect time to ensure that your new hires adopt an enterprising attitude. Make sure that training platforms are thought-provoking, engaging, and relevant to each employee’s goals. As you develop and update your training initiatives, make sure to remember the following: Emphasize your vision and shared company goals before, during, and after the on-boarding process Consider using a learning management system to keep new employees engaged in training Provide training on a continuing basis to help employees adapt to the changing marketplace.
  2. Eliminate complacency once and for all — The keys to eliminating complacency are to re-engage your workforce and encourage positive change. Create a sense of urgency, forming a strategic vision, generating short-term wins, and sustaining acceleration.
  3. Seek guidance from a seasoned mentor

Lead by example

Setting a good example for your workforce is vital to ensuring that employees remain motivated to exceed expectations and demonstrate initiative. Some practical ways to lead by example include the following:

  1. Be present and actively involved in daily operations
  2. Attend Industry trade shows to learn about the latest market trends
  3. Master the art of active listening when communicating with others

The Bottom Line

Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit will help your company prosper, regardless of its size or focus. If you feel your innovative approach dipping away, you can follow the steps above to recapture it. By erasing complacency and adopting a proactive leadership style, you can restore your entrepreneurial spirit and reposition your company for market leadership.

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SAPPOINT is an independent magazine on SAP. This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by SAP AG. SAP® is registered trademarks of SAP AG. Join our community, read our posts, and unlock the value of your SAP stack.