Cheap, yet best offline marketing strategies for small business

Small business is often struggling in the budget, especially for marketing purpose, as we all know, internet marketing is a good choice to do a cheap marketing campaign. However, there are also cheap marketing techniques that you can do ‘offline’ or in other words you can do marketing in the real world. The methods listed below will show a bunch of ideas to do just that.

  1. If you are just starting a business and still do not have a business card, website and stationery, just create them up immediately. A business card, complete with letterhead and envelope will tell prospective customers that you are a professional and taking business seriously. Be sure to include your website, address, and phone number on your business card. Would you like to get one designed? If yes, you can reach this team of experts who love design and draw data.
  2. Give your business cards to anyone who can help you in finding new customers. Call all your friends and acquaintances and tell them you just started a business. Visit and hand them a small stack of your business cards so they can give it to their friends and spread your business.
  3. Ask for work. Contact nonprofit organizations, schools or colleges, and even other businesses that their customers probably need your services. You will increase your chance to find a new customer base.
  4. Build a network with others business that has the same type of field. Let them know you are ready to help and handle their overload work. But please remember do not try to steal their clients. Words will spread out, and it will ruin your reputation. Establish your business on a backbone of a great CRM/ERP.
  5. Try corporate website design for starters. Find out any of the state and local government programs in existence to help you get started. The government programs that will encourage new business will often have free business counseling, and some others can link you to the government agencies and large corporations that will buy from small and developing businesses.
  6. Talk to the sellers where you often buy the products and give them your business card. Ask them if whether they can use your products or not, or ask if they know anyone who might be interested. Also, if they have a bulletin board where business cards are often displayed, ask if you can add yours too to the board.

Finding the best marketing strategies for small business is not an easy thing to do because ad campaign usually requires a good amount of money. Besides internet marketing campaign there are some things you can do to promote your business. Some of them are listed in this article.