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Design Thinking 101: Buyer Persona Template

Bespoke customer experience is buyer specific and through a persona, to whom we can clearly empathise with challenges they face in real-time.

Effectively reaching potential buyers through targeted content generation is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. This is most efficient when the buyer is clearly understood, and a buyer persona is designed to define exactly who your content is targetting. Buyer personas not only make sure you’re putting out the right content at the right time, but they also ensure that everyone on your team, from marketing to sales, is speaking the same language of the customer.

A buyer persona is a hypothetical representation of your customer. Charactheristics like gender, age, education, and income are all items of a persona, but a good persna goes under the surfacce to define exactly what drives a customer’s purchase. It’s best to look at the past customers and interested parties when creating your customer’s buyer persona template, but surveys or competion data can also be used to outline your targetted customer profile.

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