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Is there a kill switch for Online Anonimity?

The Internet can be a terrifying place, especially for those who know its inherent dangers. For every funny animal picture or family post, there seems to be a fresh cyber attack, data breach, aur middleman attack, were scammers try to utilise the Internet for their own gains. It seems that a day doesn’t go by without some new terrifying online threat emerging from attacks like Cloudbleed or Stuxnet. And this could be potential threats in the future, for internet-based home appliances and Technology such as self driving Cars , medical pacemakers, from any other location in the world.

Anonymity is art of being hidden from mother’s usually by blending into a crowd. The Internet is the largest crowd in the world used by people from all walks of life. For some it isn’t a bad thing to stay anonymous. However more often that are not name it gets used for nefarious purpose.

Child abuse is one of the major concern. Pedophiles hide in the Shadows of the Internet silently stocking and praying on those were most vunerable. Anonymous hackers are able to use the hidden status is to bring cruelty to people everywhere without fear of being caught or held accountable. Hackers used to steal information that doesn’t belong to them, sometimes taking data, samsung time stealing peoples whole identities, ruining lives and families.

Every aspect of the day is now interfaced in a way of other, with both of the benefits and the threats of the Internet. And with that the technology continuous to rapidly improve forward. It is only going to become more and more intervened in every aspect of our daily life. This is why and absolute imperative is necessary for in our privacy. That’s call for and end of online anonymity? Perhaps yes.

Anonymity has been definitely had its uses in the past such as a loving flow of information, only king evidence that has a rapidly covered in the multinational conglomerates. However in the modern era where anonymity is being exploited more and more to attack, need to rethink have no name it is as much of a positive purpose anymore. Imagine for example the benefits of unmasking anonymous cyber bullies and hate groups. Still be eager to send headphone messages if they have that true identity is exposed to the world at large alongside their words? That moment cyber police and now numerous online hate groups can spread their messages with high impunity, as they are extremely unlikely to face any real world consequences. For the sake of those who will be there future victims this has to change.

Terrorism and online extremism, has become a common place on the Internet world, and if one knows what to look, and what to search, it would also take massive loss of their protective online anonymity. While this may not go the way the dinosaur entirely, relative is by which it has brought anonymity would certainly prove otherwise. There are several online black markets, picture relative Lee secretive selling everything from illitict substances, to assassins, cash flows immiscibility stabilized as a major majority. All of the benefits only require is making one small change in How we connect to the world.

If online cyber security experts are taking steps to protect private networks why not we take the most of the step to protect each other? If we remove outdated anonymity from the Internet, we would see an decrease in hate related crimes, and illegal activities. Ending anonymity is the best movie can make for the sake of a brighter tomorrow. Why do people hide on the Internet? Is it that to keep themselves safe, horror said that to prey on the vunerable.

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