Traits to Avoid — Bad Management

Managing people can be tricky. It can lead people down some very confusing paths, and at the end of some of those paths is the world of bad management. Don’t be a bad manager. Be better.

Bad Bosses Treat Numbers Better Than People

While the numbers are Important as they are a sign of what is going right, they’re not the entirety of the picture. Good numbers at the cost of employee satisfaction and basic human rights can lead to a high turnover rate, which can lead to greater costs. Focusing entirely on the numbers leads to tunnel vision. It focuses on getting the numbers right rather than getting the results right. A good boss motivates people to do their jobs well.

Bad Bosses are Too Careful

Some people are careful, and careful is okay. Being careful to the point of waiting until all the data is on-hand. There is a point wherein more information is not only pointless, but can actually detract by making the decision making process take longer. Good management is a matter of figuring out which information is important, and knowing when to make a snap decision.

Bad Bosses Ambush Their Employees

Employees are people too, which means that they’re going to make mistakes. Even the benighted employee will need some coaching every now and then. The problem is that bad bosses save all of these criticisms until a performance review or worse, until the employee asks for a raise. This doesn’t help anyone. A good boss coaches their people when appropriate, adjusting their behavior and habits. They’re looking to make their employees better, not for an opportunity to make them feel bad.


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