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VC Money for Cannabis Gold Rush: Is it a real biz? Is it even Ethical?

Did you know the states with the Most severe Cannabis law? Possessing cannabis for personal use is legal in eight states and in the District of Columbia. These states include California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska. The other states consider it a controlled substance, and impose penalities and fines for posseing and distributing cannabis. Five states with harshest cannabis possession laws are Alabama, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia, and Okalahama. These states are well correct in being stubborn in their policy towards prosecuting offenders.

For example, The Alabama Legislature Code has some of the harshest penalities for the possession, selling and cultivating and trafflicking cannabis. Personal use of cannabis in Alabama is misdemenor and results in imprisonment and $6000 fine. According to the law, its a felony and most serious type of crime, having at least a year of prison sentence. Trafflicking cannabis in Alabama is a felony with upto $15000 fine. If convicted of selling cannabis, the punishment varies for the amount sold. Growing cannabis is also a offence.

Similarly, in Georgia, as per Title 16, Chapter 13, cannabis is a controlled substance. This code includes possesing, cultivating, selling, distributing and miscellaneous offenses regarding cannabis. It is a shame that some startups in the Bay area have taken this to an advantage. There are countless startups booming in America which have begun finding use-cases for a problem that never exisited. Yes, cannabis. Now, everything declared illegal is now legal elsewhere.

What a shame!

Few product websites, like ProductHunt, and AI related startups are promoting sales of cannabis directly. And, get paid by cash which is a real shame! By far, there are 1024 Marijuana angel investors, and 96 startup jobs. #sad. As the marijuana legalization debate rages, so called “startups” take it forward to sell weeds, and this makes cannabis investments hitting new highs.

Readers Note

The Author is a strict Anti-Weed, Anti-Drug, and Anti-Cannabis Advocate. At no point in the below article, is the author advocating the use of Cannabis, but regards these educational necessities for next gen readers. #NoWeed And, please dear bozo so called “cannabis startups”, if there is anything you can’t sell, try your moms.

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