What’s Ariba? Exploring the world’s business commerce network

Just read thee SAP Ariba report. And, know what — the retailers earned USD 3.3 bn from online shopping last 2 years ago. Let’s break things down. Globally many companies use Ariba to simplify inter-enterprise commerce.

Yes, Ariba is a web-based trading community enhances the results. businesses of all sizes can connect to their trading partners anywhere, at any time from any application or device to buy and sell. SAP helps clients manage their business more efficiently and effectively than ever before. And, there are a lot of service integrators who can help you with that. Here’s one prospecting SAP consulting and services firm who can support you with such an opportunity.

Ariba is the world’s business commerce network. Ariba combines industry-leading cloud-based applications with the world’s largest community to help companies discover and collaborate with a global network of partners. Business channels like Ariba may still be controlling a small percentage of the total online retail sales, but its impact can’t be ignored, and getting to be distinctly difficult to disregard.

Social commerce and human connect is always necessary for sales. Products like SAP Ariba helps a brand to remain responsive throughout the engagement process and enables it to contain the customer acquisition cost. Furthermore, one can also monitor critical reception to the product or service, and listen to the reviews and comments about the brand on Ariba network.

A global leader in e-invoicing and dynamic discounting, Ariba provides a robust portfolio of cloud-based applications and network-based services that enable companies to create a fully automated, compliant process for capturing and settling invoices. Using the solutions, companies can:

  • Digitize 100 percent of invoices
  • Achieve 98 percent touchless processing
  • Improve compliance with contract invoicing
  • Maximize supplier participation
  • Fuel 100 percent on-time payment performance
  • Reduce supply chain risk

To learn more about Ariba’s offerings and the value that they can deliver, visit: ariba.com That said, if you’re not sure about the ROI behind integrating Ariba network into your selling strategy, the following five examples will educate you about how businesses are using the power of suppliers.

In 2010, a manufacturing firm used Ariba network, which complimented its long history of building good relationships with the audience and added another milestone to its supplier program.

As of last year, Ariba has 730k customers. The consolidated aggregate income of every one of 200k SAP clients and 730k Ariba clients is around $8 trillion. Roughly $350 billion in exchange is directed every year utilizing Ariba stage, a volume which SAP plans to expand utilizing SAP and Ariba’s incorporated client arrange.

UPS makes over $1B USD, is a global transportation and logistics company with one of the most admired brands in the world with 424000 employees. Their products and services include — postal and small parcel and courier services, road cargo transport, marine cargo transport, intermodal cargo transport, air cargo transport.

Dedicated to serve the following industries — Textiles Production, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Building Materials, Clay & Glass, High Tech & Electronics. With Ariba’s contract invoicing capabilities suppliers can access customer contracts and build invoices off them to deliver same level of efficiency and compliance as purchase order invoices. Interested learning about Ariba online? Take a course on Ariba

Jeff Phillips, Manager, GBS Procurement, Financial Service Center, UPS, says “70% of our suppliers are contract suppliers” Phillips says. “We needed to make it as easy as possible for them to access our contracts and ensure that they were charging us in accordance with the terms and prices we negotiated. These are critical to converting negotiated savings into hard dollar results. Ariba allows us to do that.”

Here is an small testimonial from a manufacturing client. The experience of seeing their own name on SAP’s Ariba was unique and people actually started paying premium prices just to lay their hands on the products that they own and shared them on ariba network. In fact, they even have separate Ariba accounts for different customer segments. According to their reports, 80% of Ariba users are suppliers. Buy side was also easier. They leveraged the most fundamental aspect of Ariba network — one on one connection with users to do business.

They created a simple SAP solution to simplify the user experience and opted for Ariba network for their sales. More featured clients include — British Airways, and Clariant. SAP Ariba is seen to be moving from the simple to full-fledged sales. The companies mentioned above successfully integrated Ariba into its strategy and got a good outcome. You can use these examples to create your own Ariba strategy and boost sales.


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