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Why Small Business Shouldn’t Rely On Social Media Vetting

The modern age is age of community. And thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Almost everyone has a piece of themselves out there which is ideal for small business on paper. Few keystrokes you can find the potential employee and vet them from there. Unfortunately wireless is useful it’s far from enough. There are few reasons relying on social media in Tally for your background check is a very bad idea.


People are very careful about what they put up in their accounts. More often that not the painter post things that make themselves in a very positive light. It is not necessary for the purpose of misleading Where’s its many simply do not see the point in posting something embrassing or negative. Worse you could find yourself looking at a page, that’s private and leaving you with no information.

You can’t see everything

When you enter a potential employee for a small business you don’t see the whole picture they are putting out the best foot forward which is ok. That’s what people should do in an interview. However that does mean that a single talk isn’t enough which is why background checks should be mandatory. Unfortunately social media Agencies likey dont give the context that you need. Many accounts are social life focused on home life the hobbies, centered around interests. Some of that may help you figure out if they fit your company culture but knowing our favourite brand food products isn’t likely information which companies like Facebook collects.

Legal issues

Based on your hiring decisions in social media, any social media accounts make a wonderful to discrimination claims. It is not easy figuring out which items are usable when deciding on employment, and privacy laws remained fluid and unclear. It is simply not worth the potential trouble.

Lacking context

Many things are worthless for your hiring decisions without context. For example saying nothing what pictures of your potential hair parting make them look and professional although they may be plenty of reasonable explanations for that. Could have been weeks apart and they are the ones in which they were tagged. That could have been a way of weddings and celebrations, and parties. Without discussion much of the information gained is unusable and misleading.

Researching the wrong person

It might be a small issue but you would be very surprised how many people share the same name online. Some of them might even look the same. Why do you narrow down the list with, you need to carefully examine and take time to give out too much information. First you mitosis the wrong person and make a decision based on that. There is a necessity to contextualize their CV for the interview. For the sake of small businesses you shouldn’t be only on social media. Hiring people is an art. But it is worthy and expenditure when every employee you have is critical to the company success.

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