Writing Tips — Business 101

Creativity is just like any other cognitive capacity — it has its ups and downs Sometimes the ideas are flowing through you so quickly, it’s like they are coming from somewhere else and you’re simply the conduit, not the creator. Other days, ideas need a little more coaxing. If you’re in the latter situation, here are four ways you can blast through the creative block.

The blank page can be intimidating because there are an infinite number of paths you can take from there. Creating can get easier if you put an artificial limit on your work, hence reducing the number of paths and the paralysis caused by infinite options.

Isn’t it great when you write in the zone? Articles and stories pour forth with ease. Most writers don’t stay In that happy writing place, though, and there are times when their muse can’t be found. if the description fits, you need to know how to get into the zone and stay there rather than waiting for such magical moments. The following tips will help you accomplish your aim.

Create an organized workspace

Your workstation needs to be organized and stir you to write. Ensure that when you sit at your writing (link, everything you need is close to hand.

Dictionaries, a thesaurus, pens and paper, sticky notepads and whatever else you require should be easy to reach. Keep your desk and the surrounding area neat and free of duffer. The simple act of placing a wastepaper basket nearby can mean you stop dropping old screwed up notes on the floor. Additionally, work in comfort; this may mean wearing loose clothing in your favorite color, sitting In an ergonomically designed chair, and listening to brainwave entertainment to improve focus while you write. Take charge of the environment and ensure It suits your needs.

Don’t meet distractions

Most writers try to avoid disruptions that knock them out of the zone, but it’s much easier not to let them occur. Lock the door and switch off your phone when you are ready to work. Be clear it’s time to write and that you aren’t going to check emails or social networking sites and if people want your attention, they must wait. Discover when you write best Do you write only during office hours? You don’t have to graft from nine to five. Perhaps you write best in the middle of the night, or at dawn. Experiment to discover when you are at your creative peak and most likely to enter the zone.

Anchor the zone

Anchoring is an NLP or neuro-linguistic programming term that refers to creating a strong association between a mental state and a cue to make the state reappear. You’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s dogs. Pavlov trained dogs to mentally link the sound of a bell ringing with being fed. Eventually, whenever the bell rang, regardless of whether the food was present, they would salivate because a positive association between the cue and the food was forged. In your case, you want to create a connection between being In the writing zone and a signal that can easily be replicated. First, you need to access the mental state of flow when it’s simple for you to write and you’re enjoying doing so. You can wait until you are naturally in the zone to create an anchor, or use a memory of being in a similar state.

If you’re recalling being In the flow, wait until you reach the tip of your experience when you remember feeling extremely focused and then apply a cue. A cue can be physical, such as rubbing two fingers together or tapping the end of yoir nose, but it mustn’t be an action you carry out generally. Alternatively, you might light an incense stick, or play a piece of MUSIC that helps you focus, and make that your anchor. As soon as the peak of the experience drops, stop applying the ale and do something else for a few minutes before restarting the exercise once more. In the future, when you want to access the zone, repeat the signal.

Jot down ideas

When you aren’t in the zone and feel blocked, tell yourself you’re Just going to write about ideas Think of a single topic you might have written about if you were in the zone, and create offshoots from that subject. Let’s say ‘container gardening’ is the theme. Write ‘container gardening’ in the middle of a blank page and draw lines sprouting out from the center. At the end of every line, write something relevant like ‘unusual planters’ and ‘window boxes.’ Before you know It, your muse will appear, and you’ll be eager to write.

When you want to be In the zone, inspire your muse. Create a terrific workstation that makes writing easy and comfortable Write at the best time for you and shut out distractions. Also, anchor the zone, so it’s easy to reach. If all else fails, generate a spider graph around a central theme and watch your ideas grow.

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