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Crosspost: Inclusion and Diversity in the Tech Age in the WBS Coding School Blog

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

This is a crosspost of a new blog I’ve published with the WBS Coding School: Inclusion and Diversity in the Tech Age!

Here’s a bit of context on my background in tech and my collaboration with the WBS Coding school:

Before I settled into a career in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, I worked for several years in tech as a project manager, data analyst and scrum master. I eventually found my passion in people focused topics which led me to pursue a career in DEI. But a lot of my formative career insight came from those early experiences (and challenges) working in tech. Because of my connection with the tech industry, I was so pleased to have the opportunity to participate in a fireside chat on the topic of Inclusion in the Tech Workplace for the students of the WBS Coding School. In the fireside chat, we had the chance to touch on many important topics of diversity, equity and inclusion for students about to enter the tech industry. We spoke about inclusion in the workplace and how Employee Resource Groups can be a catalyst for change. We also covered what are the right questions to ask about DEI in a job interview to figure out if the company culture is a good fit for you (new blog on this coming soon!).

WBS Coding School and I continued our collaboration by exploring some of the unique challenges of Inclusion and Diversity in the tech industry in this blog. Please check it out! Thanks again to WBS Coding School for the chance to share some ideas and best practices. And if you are interested in more content related to DEI, please check out my other blogs. And check out the full collection of technical and non-technical blogs from WBS Coding School.




This publication explores practical diversity, equity and inclusion guidance for driving change in a global working environment. Header photo credit: @aznbokchoy on Unsplash.

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Sarah Cordivano

Community Building, Equity, Inclusion and Maps. Former Philadelphian, Current Berliner. Twitter @mapadelphia & LinkedIn.

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