First of all…

Although this will be my first blog, blogging is something that I have always been interested in. There is something to be said about one person being able to share their thoughts with the world while sitting on their couch at home. The Internet has transformed consumers into producers by allowing everyone to express their opinion through various social media routes. This is why I am so interested in online digital advertising. The World Wide Web is so vast and widespread, in my opinion; it is the best way to get a message to the public, no matter whom your target audience might be. I have always had a passion for helping a company that I believe in get their name out there through advertising. According to “Online advertising is expected to overtake TV advertising in size in 2019.” Online advertising is growing and will be one of the most productive ways of advertising in the future. Throughout my blog, I will reflect on things I have learned through my journey as a professional, while expanding my knowledge on how to effectively advertise online.

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