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Leadership coaching in Seoul

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At the end of this month I will be taking a week long development trip to Seoul — a new venture for me and an opportunity to explore new leadership territory alongside British Council colleagues in Seoul working with prospective partners in arts culture, museums and heritage in the city. As part of this I will be meeting and working with disabled artists to give them a taster of Sync — a leadership programme, developed a decade back with Jo Verrent which have has successfully rolled out in both the UK and Australia.

Having just finished the first sets of delivery for Museums Association for their Transformers programme, I am even more convinced as to the power of leadership learning and coaching in combination to shift individual’s thinking in what they can do on their terms, pushing their own careers forwards, confident in their individual authentic leadership styles.



A blog by Sarah Pickthall — transitional coach working with individuals and organisations across Arts & Culture, Education and Business Sectors. Find out more at

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