A Look Back

Sarah Thomas, PhD
Feb 6, 2019 · 2 min read

Today, in my Timehop…

This was cool to see. I scribbled these goals down in 2014 while attending an edtech event. At the time, I was teaching middle school ELA and tech at a French Immersion lottery school. I was writing from my lens with my own students in mind. Also, I was less than a year into my journey in connecting, and was just finding out about a bunch of things. This was pre-EduMatch, pre-Google Classroom, and pre-me being all like “eff teaching to the test.”

Since this time, I have learned a lot about teaching and about education in general. I’ve also moved to a district-level position. Keep in mind that education moves faster than dog years, so some of this stuff isn’t exactly cutting edge anymore. At the time, though, it was relatively new.

It was fun to look back! Here are my updates.

Thanks for reading!