This is NOT about politics

I don’t like to use social media to be political. For that matter, this isn’t even a political discourse. People have turned other people’s lives into a “political” conversation but let’s be honest, these are people. These are fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, friends, spouses. These are black lives, blue lives, immigrant lives. These are all lives. They all matter. And that we feel just in the taking of one another’s life because they look different, talk differently, speak a different language, or pray to a different god does not make them any less human. This country puts so much effort and time and attention on “life” before birth. And then, something happens. Once in the world, our wall goes up. Our bias sets in, our preconceived notion of what that “life” is supposed to be like takes hold. And if it doesn’t align to what you think is right- then we have somehow devolved in to thinking it’s acceptable to shun another human, to dehumanize them, and worse yet- to take their life.

I am not religious. I do not believe that we are here for a reason, I still have a strong moral compass and know that hate, bigotry, turning against your neighbor, and murder and not acceptable. They go against what it fundamentally means to be a human.

And I can say all of this because I am privileged to live in the country that I do. Because I am privileged to have had the upbringing that I did, the experiences that I have had. I don’t walk down the street and fear reprisal for how I look. I don’t wonder where my next meal will come from or where I will live. I don’t worry about being driven from my home because of war or violence.

But I can take a stand. I can say, enough is enough. I can ask you to join me. I can say that all lives do matter. I can work to help people rise up over adversity. I can help bring a voice to those who no longer have one. I can help keep this issue in the spot light. I can remind everyone reading this that you too are human. You too matter.

Our lives, are not political talking points.