Added expression support in app

I have created a mobile based easy expense tracker and consistently using it from almost 8 months.

The idea of is to track expense by creating diary.

The moto is fun to track expense.

Last week i have visited a city near my hometown and back from it to where i am doing job. I have to track all travel expense made during these days.

The expenses are as below.

Home => nearest pickup by auto – ₹10.00

Pickup =>Bus stop – ₹21.00

Bus stop => the destination city – ₹91.00

But i realise that why user can’t sum this amount just entering it in amount field the way they enter in calculator? I have decided to built this feature and try to find solution for how can i develop this? Finally i got the solution and implemented it.

Now it

And you will see sum as below.

And saralhisab application will take care of this arithmetic expression and act as a calculator for you.

In conclusion you can use – operator also if you have to subtract amount.


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SaralHisab apps gallery that delights you.