SaralHisab: Tags in expense tracking

From last couple of weeks i am working on tags implementation in saralhisab app. We have provided tags facility in both expense and income list.Once you create tag in one diary you will have that tag with you all time in each diary.

To tag any expense we have added tags field while recording expense entry.

Tags Input

Remember if you create tag for expense entry you will have that tag available in expense list only. If you wish to create tag for income same way you can tag income entry as you tag expense entry.

I have created few tags to easily identify my day day expense

Tags list in saralhisab

Now once expense entries properly tagged you can easily filter expense list by tag. For this you have to tap on tag saralhisab will filter expense based on selected tag.

We can see that how tags are helpful to easily filter out expense by tags. Same way you can filter income entries by tags.


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SaralHisab apps gallery that delights you.