How it began?

I planned it in my head first. I wanted to go out of Kathmandu for a little while. And not just go out anywhere, but wanted to go trekking up the hills. I wasn’t even sure where. I just knew that I wanted to go. Slowly the idea began to manifest into reality and I felt really upbeat. Couple of work mates and friends were interested and so we set out to planning.

As with every other plan it had its set-backs. The biggest was the confusion on who was going and who was not, and where were we going? The planned date to leave was approaching fast and we were still uncertain on where we were going. We had narrowed it down to two destinations — Poon hill or Manang. I did not care where we went, I just wanted to leave and take this walk. And so the indecision was killing me.

Making a decision

With a lot of indecision around, it felt like we were not going anywhere. And this was just going to be one of those “Plan making”, and really not doing anything. But, there was no way I was going to let it be that way. I just had to leave.

And so maybe in a little bit of anger and a lot of real desire I made a decision- it did not matter if anyone went or not, I would go all alone. Now this was a spontaneous sort of decision, because if I had to leave I had to leave soon. Maybe in a day or two or it would not happen at all.

So I decided that the next day would be the day for my departure. I had a faint idea where I wanted to go. I still had to do a bit of research of the place, but I decided to do that enroute to POON hill, my destination. And I spent a little portion of the evening buying stuffs that I would need and a bus ticket to Pokhara.

So everything was set. With my mind made up, ticket in my hands and my bags all packed, I was ready to leave. Ready to leave on my solo travel to Poon hill. I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready and open to take in what forth coming days had in store for me.

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