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Running with a friend

Running Diaries: 15/12/2021

Mostly I am running alone, and it does get monotonous and even boring at times. I wanted to experience running with a friend, and I got to do just that this morning. And it was fun. We ran at a conversational pace — which is recommended, and all in all the 12 Km’s felt effortless.

Today’s goal:

We had a basic idea of the loop that we wanted to do — and thought roughly it would take us a little over an hour to do it. In the end, when we did complete it was around 12 kilometres. There was no pace goal and we wanted to go for a slow run and also converse along the way. And this is what we ended up doing.

How did the run feel:

Prior to running, it felt difficult to get out of bed, and I noticed the head even trying to come up with an excuse to not go for a run. But eventually, I was able to wake up and get ready for the run.

Initially, I thought I might struggle with the run. Even though I have been running for some time now, I do not feel confident when I am running with someone else. What if I cannot match the pace? What if I get tired and cannot complete the run? Yap! plenty of self-doubts. I also felt a slight pain in my right knee. I could, however, brush aside this pain and sort of identified the pain more as an excuse the brain was coming up to not go for a run.

Eventually, when I did start running, the pain disappeared. We were not running fast and the pace was easy to maintain. Also the conversation sort of acted as a perfect distraction from the rigorous activity — that is running.

In no time the run was complete. The entire distance felt effortless and I really enjoyed the conversation as well as the run.

Overall Pace

The idea was to run at a slow pace and not overexert ourselves, and this is exactly what we did. There were some faster split times in the middle, but overall on an average 6:28 /km felt easy and effortless. I have come to see that this pace feels easy on my body even when I am running alone. Today though it felt extra-effortless maybe due to the distraction the conversation was providing.

Also, there were some traffic disruptions that affected the overall pace. Either way, the pace was spot on as we had wanted.

Final words

Running with a friend and conversing along the way was definitely fun. And it would be nice to do this every now and then. I most certainly enjoyed the run. It was also nice to finally test the theory of “running at conversational pace”. Today we definitely did this.

I will get back to running alone again for the next few days but I definitely look forward to another opportunity with running with a friend.

Today’s run:




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