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Running with a turbulent mind

Running Diaries: 24/11/2021

The running schedule has been a bit erratic lately. With winter fast approaching, summoning the strength to get up in the morning has been a challenge. And even on days when I do manage to run, the mind has been rather turbulent with thoughts from all over the place, and I seem to have lost some of the zeal towards running as a result of that.

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

“This is boring” — I tell myself as I am running. I have been running for the past 15–20 minutes, and suddenly I sense the boredom creep in. This has been what my past few runs have been like. I also think this has a lot to do with the distance and the speed I have been running in. Lately, my mileage is 5k on most of my runs, and the pace too has been fairly easy. From my running experience, I do know that the longer I run the more fun it gets. And I feel I should be upping the ante when it comes to distance. However, currently with the turbulent mind that is constantly racing from one thought to another, trying to solve one issue from another — I have found running longer distances a bit tough. The cold weather is not helping either.

The content of the turbulent mind is for me for now, and should I feel the need I might discuss it. But towards the end of today’s run, I did feel I was at much more ease, and the mind has quieted down. I guess that means I just keep running. At this tumultuous juncture — consistency is what I seek. Therefore, I keep moving, I keep running.




There were times when I only pondered. Then the thoughts became vocal and I started talking out loud When even that became insufficient, I turned to writing

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