Beginnings. Hours. Rest.

Well, we’re here. Breathtakingly beautiful Bali. It was the longest ‘day’ of my life to get here, but we got through it. I was able to start meeting and getting to know the people I’ll be spending the trip with. It’s difficult when I’ve only had a class with one of the students, and I didn’t even recognize or know anyone else. But nevertheless I think most people realized that we’re all on this trip together, and therefore I’ve been able to connect with a few and start to learn parts of their stories. Being around people I just met that are right around my age has been cool since we have different backgrounds and stories, and yet we’re all living in the same way for these 3 weeks.

I chose to go on this trip for many different reasons. One was that it would be warmer than Tacoma in January. Another was that it would fulfill my “general education requirement” for art, and I had no idea what else I would do for something artsy. But it was also that I wanted to do something that I’ve never done before: experience a completely different culture that no one I knew had ever experienced. I want to be pushed outside my comfort zone and do everything I can. I want to see things I’ve never seen, hear things I’ve never heard, smell things I’ve never smelled, taste things I’ve never tasted, and feel things I’ve never felt.

This is the beginning of our trip. There have already been many beginnings, and there will be more, as well as endings. Sunrises and sunsets have always intrigued me, partly because of their incredible colors, and partly because of their significance of a beginning and an end. I plan to watch out for them during this trip, in addition to keeping an open mind to seeing other beginnings and endings.