Why Blogger and Google+ Should Converge?

Though Google Reader wasn’t a great product, it was really handy and people loved using it. But Google killed it in favor of Google+, to make their services more social. But axing RSS and related services indicates end of conventional blogging era, paves the way for social blogging.

A Trail with Blogger

Today Google took another leap towards “pushing” Google+ to more of their services by integrating Google+ as a commenting system for Blogger. Long live the old way of commenting. (This is a baby step, of course; Blogger is very popular even now. Whenever people want to create a blog, Blogger is the primary choice.)

Eyes on the Big Boy, YouTube!

Pushing Google+ everywhere represents a clear take on social integration. Now Google can secure their users within their ecosystem. But YouTube and Facebook have a bond: Most of the videos shared on Facebook are from YouTube, and obviously Facebook drives huge traffic to YouTube. This isn’t going to change anywhere soon, but how can Google take a bite of it?

Since YouTube is a video social network, the step Google has taken toward Blogger will probably be repeated with YouTube in the future. The result would be more videos — and opinions and comments about videos — on Google+, than anywhere else.

Spring Cleaning for Blogger?

It’s okay if Google is doing a pilot of its Google+ commenting system with Blogger. But ultimately Blogger and Google+ should converge.

There are hell of a lot of people using Google+ for blogging, like Linus Torvalds, Google Veterans, Steve Yegge and many more celebrities you can find there on Google+ (not on Facebook). They write in plain text, and happy about it. Google+ doesn’t have rich text formatting like embedding images throughout the post, formatting options etc. Neither it can you have multiple blogs.

The content discovery with hash tags and circles is really excellent on Google+, and all the existing blogging platforms are currently missing these cool features. Only Google can bring this to blogging right now (though I heard Facebook is coming up with hash tags!). Google+ Pages might help them to solve the problems with multiple blogs under single account.

Google+ is the new pet for the CEO, Co-Founder and VPs at New Google. They’re now focused on minimum, relevant products which can bring money and users. Plus and Blogger, to converge! Let’s wait for another Google spring cleanup!

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